Electrical thermography inspection

Energibygg has extensive experience with the use of thermography camera and offers the service electrical thermography of all types of electrical installations. Our thermographers is Nemko certified. The company is certified for NEK 405-4. Energy building is well qualified for electrical control of commercial buildings.

When is electrothermography used?

The method is used to a large extent to uncover hot running in electrical installations or guides. By thermographing boards and fuses, you can find overloaded circuits, weak connections or lack of insulation between live wires. Information about this can be critical for preventing and avoiding short circuits or fire development. Electrothermography is Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) or Non-Destructive Examination (NDE), and is performed under normal operating conditions. There is therefore no need for operational interruptions. As a rule of thumb for hot springs to be detected, there must be at least 30% load on circuit or component being examined.

Inspection of heating cables?

Infrared camera is very suitable for identifying and controlling heating cables. If there is a suspicion of a ground fault in heating cables or if it is desirable to prove where the loops is situated, this can give quick answers without having to go to expensive physical interventions.

Internal control and insurance

For companies that are subject to thermography as part of the internal control, we offer this service. Within commercial buildings, several insurance companies require electro-thermography to prevent fire. Some insurance companies also offers reduced insurance premium

When can thermography of electrical installations be carried out?

Electrothermography is not seasonal and can be performed all year round. It is an advantage, if not a prerequisite, that the plant is in operation at inspection.

Report according to NEK 405

The report shows both a thermogram (Infrared image) and a regular digital photo next to each other. The thermogram shows three crosses marked Sp1-Sp3. The crosses indicate the temperature in the spot. Digital photography makes it easier for electricians to find a component to rectify any deviation. Below the pictures there is a suitable comment that describes the extent of any deviations and what can be done to rectify the error. Deviations are classified according to three levels, where level three requires immediate repair.


Picture shows a circuit breaker where there is a hint of overheating in the cables